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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I can breathe! Sorta!

So they've put me on flovent, a lovely inhaled steroid that does not taste like brand new tires, but which has the lovely potential for THE WORST SIDE EFFECT EVER!!!!! Are you ready for this? Dood, three words. Oral. Yeast. Infection. Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating how much not breathing sucks can eat it... if it weren't serious suckage, would I risk getting a damn yeast infection in my mouth? Ugh. Grody. Seriously grody.

But, the good news is that I'm breathing a bit better now. It's not 100%, more like maybe 80% of what I would consider normal, but it's an improvement, and I can at least function mostly. The only downside so far to materialize is I feel sorta spinny, and a little bit queasy sometimes if I get too warm or move too fast or whatever. It's still better than panting all day like a damn german shepherd.

Now I just have a bajillionty things to make up for, like the test I missed this week, and the three labs I've had to miss in the last two weeks. It sucks, because my mom and sister are coming up to visit and I have so much to do that my time is going to be stretched very very thin, but at least I feel like it might even be possible now.

And, because it all seems insurmountable and my motivation is wavering under the pressure, I will focus on the glorious feeling of becomming that school gives me. Yeah, I could drop the whole bio major thing and just settle for whatever my degree would get me, but I wouldn't be developing into someone better, someone smarter, someone with so many more options (like the poking-dead-people-with-sticks option, woo woo.) I can do this, it may not be my best semester ever, but even if it's not, who would fault me for slipping a little under all the things I've piled on myself? And, to be fair to myself, most people wouldn't consider a few B's to be slipping, so I'm giving myself permission to not be perfect this semester, to just do the best I can at this point and accept that not every grade has to be an A for me to be smart and successful.

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