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Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm still here... sorta.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a wee litte bit busy lately... you know, between school and the wedding. Here's a bit of whats been going on with me:

* Went home for spring break. Didn't tell anyone, really, because I had too much to get done to really do anything recreational. Studied some, got a perm, furthered the wedding plans, etc etc.

* Been feeling pretty crappy lately, in the I-can't-effing-breathe sort of way. Went to the Dr, who couldn't figure out for sure whats wrong with me. My favorite phrase from the adventure? "Well, if you don't have significant pain anywhere its probably not a blood clot." Uhrm... 'scuse me? Probably?!? Yeah, didn't make me feel real secure. So he gave me an inhaler to use and said if it's not better by monday to come in again and have a chest x-ray. Perfect, just what I need right now is some stupid health crisis. Cause there just wasn't enough going on in my life *sigh*. I think I'm feeling a little better today though, so cross your fingers for me.

* The Mamma and Amie are coming up to visit soon! Mamma is working on my dress, so she wants to fit it on me some and go shopping for shoes (and by shoes, I mean comfortable shoes, there ain't no way I'm wearing fancy shoes under a dress that goes to the floor, dammit.) Chris should consider himself lucky if he goes for the garter and I'm not wearing
these. Really lucky, actually, those buggers are comfortable.

* More midterms coming up in a little over a week.

* Holy shit, my friends have started purchasing tickets!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! Even just for getting to have all my favorite people around me, getting married was the best idea I ever had. But bonus for getting to marry the most amazing guy ever... I wish I could clone him, or maybe find some sort of laser that would allow me to duplicate his personality in other people. I would make Fuzzy's for all of my friends, and then they wouldn't have to go through any stupid shit with other guys or girls and we could all live happily ever after :) How 'bout it, science?

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