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Friday, February 24, 2006

Looking for an older man....

Have I mentioned how much I love my mom? Like seriously, my mom is easily 80% of the reason I am the person I am today. I learned how to work hard from her, I learned how to apply myself, how to motivate myself, what to accept and not accept in relationships, and, most importantly, how to love unconditionally. I would trade my happiness in a heartbeat for my mom to be as happy as I am in life right now. And it kills me, because she is lonely and I know it, because no matter how self-sufficient you are, no matter how complete as a person you are, there is something special that having a great significant other adds to your life to make everything better and maybe a little bit easiers. So my latest side endeavor is to find a good man for my mom. I've put up a couple of profiles for her on a couple of dating sites, but seriously, I have no idea what middle-aged men are looking for. And it's annoying me, because the ones that respond well are the ones that aren't quite right somehow.... And it's making me a bagillionty times more grateful for having found my soulmate already so that I don't have to go through this bullshit on my own behalf. It's possible I'm being too picky, but y'all, my mom is an amazing lady. Ask anyone who's met her, any of my friends she's adopted, she's the bestest ever. Cross your fingers or work your mojo for me. At the very least, please, dear god, above all else, let me find her a date for the wedding so that my sister baboon of a father will keep his disgusting self far away from her, not pester her to dance, and maybe get a bit pissed off and jealous (that would be the icing on the cake.)

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At 10:15 AM, Blogger jennster said...

i totally agree. a life without love is just plain missing something. but i guess we all have to go through the shit we go through to make us who we are. i hope your mom finds love, and you are sweet for wanting that for her so badly. :)


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