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Thursday, February 23, 2006

current sources of anxiety

Chem midterm

* The impending death of womens reproductive freedom.

* The unbelievable concept that another country, ANY other country (much less the specific country in question), should have control of our ports.

* paper also due tomorrow

* Confirmation that two of the most important people in Fuzzy's life won't be there to share our wedding with us.

* I sorta feel like I'm going to hurl, actually. I know everyone is glad to know that particular little tidbit.

And, I'll cap it off with the ultimate WTF factoid:
* The graphing calculator, the one that I spent $140 on, the one that speaks 7 different languages and has so many damn functions that I don't even understand most of them, has no percent button or function. It's not a huge problem, because it's not hard to figure out, but it's just sort of ridiculous, you know? It's like someone who is a genius in astro-physics or something like that, but who is incapable of tying their shoes or programing their VCR. Each button on this thing has 3 functions, and there are tons of menus leading to yet more functions, and they couldn't find anywhere to squeeze in a percent function? I don't know who is more stupid, whoever decided to leave it out, or me for buying the stupid thing. In my defense, however, I had to have it for a class.

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