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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Years Resolutions...

So now that we're ten days into the new year, I'm finally ready to make my new years resolutions. Technically I've already started the main one, just haven't posted about it yet, so I'm not really that behind.

1) The perennial favorite, I'm resolving to lose weight. I'm tired of feeling tired, tired of it hurting to move and of lacking the motivation in the physical exertion category. I'm also hoping to not look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on my wedding day (Michelle thought this was funny, so I'm betting I'll hear "Mother Puss Bucket!" on my way down the aisle.) I would also like it if people stopped asking me if I'm pregnant (although it is secretly satisfying to say "Nope! Just fat" and then watch the look of horror dawn on their faces.) I have also made several steps in the right direction already:

* Fuzzy bought me a treadmill as an early V-day present. It's manual, so it's a lot harder than the ones at school, but it really works my lower body a lot more. Eventually I'll be able to stay on it for more than ten minutes.

* I got myself an ab roller. It's one of those doohickies that supports your head when you do crunches, and man if it doesn't seriously isolate your abs. I'm a little sore, but it's getting less and less, so thats a good sign.

* I'm signed up for aikido this semester. It's at least two hours a week of scheduled physical activity.

2) Get through this semester with less stress. This means staying current on my homework so that I don't have to cram before every test, just review. I managed a 4.0 that way last semester, but it's only going to get harder, especially with o-chem and stats and all that. So I seriously need to not procrastinate any more. I will do my homework every week, not just right before the test.
So, I had my other foot worked on, stupid feet. It hurts less this time than it did last time. Funny, what going to a competent doctor will do, eh? I still think the other dr used lidocaine with epinephrine, instead of without like they're supposed to do on fingers and toes. It would explain why I had such a bad reaction to it. If it were purely psychosomatic, it would have been worse this time, since I had an idea how bad it would be and was basically panicking until the horrible pain failed to manifest. It's much easier to walk this time than last time, too. Last time it felt like the blood would rush to my toe every time I stood up, and it was this awful throbbing pain sensation, but this time it's not doing that (though I'll let you know after work today.) I'm betting it will heal faster this time, too.

Oh, funny cat story. I do my crunches in the living room, and my right arm passes back and forth right by the edge of the couch, so Zelda has taken to sitting right there and positioning her head so that my hand brushes it with each pass. We've decided that, for Zelda, it is not an ab roller, it is an automatic petting machine.

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