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Monday, January 02, 2006

update, as promised

So last night we got back into da 'boldt after a slightly longer visit than expected. There was a huge storm, so the freeways we normally take were closed due to flooding and landslides, so we waited for the storms to (mostly) pass and took an alternate route, and finally we're back.

It was a nice visit, got to spend time with my brothers and my mom and sister, and it was all very nice. Christmas Eve, the dinner came out awesome. I would totally spend the $40 for a Willy Bird every year, at least for a holiday, because it was so effing good. I used a combination of a couple recipes, heres the basic breakdown:
1) brined the turkey overnight in water and apple cider with allspice and salt.
2) mixed fresh chopped herbs in butter (tarragon, sage, rosemary, thyme), rubbed all over the outside of the turkey, and put the rest of the herbs in the cavity.
3) roasted upside down (breast side down) - turns out juicier that way.
4) basted roughly 8,000 times, also poured chicken broth over turkey and added butter to baking pan.
It ended up being the best turkey I've ever had, and everyone else sure seemed to like it. I got most of the stuff out of Bon Apetit magazine, except the roasting upside down part, which was 1/2 accident, and 1/2 my Aunt telling me thats how my grandmother used to do it when she was still alive. I'm really happy with it, especially for it being a first attempt and all. Will definitely do it again in the future.

Got cool stuff. The mamma got me a black 30G video iPod (with my future name engraved on the back :), and Fuzzy got me the aforementioned presents (in the last post). Also got two beautiful ornaments from my dad and company, one is a fairy, and one is a yellow rubber ducky, only it's sparkly :). Fuzzy also totally got me addicted to Full Metal Alchemist. *Sigh* The second volume gets here Thursday, and we already have 3 and 4 waiting.

Got a lot of stuff done for the wedding. Seriously, we're going to have the most awesome wedding ever. We reserved the catering, and the tables/chairs/canapies and stuff. Also, we ordered the cake, which has four layers: lemon with cream cheese filling/white with oreo filling/chocolate with raspberry and bavarian cream filling/peach with tropical fruit filling. Seriously, this place makes the best cake I have ever had, and I don't generally like cake. If you're down there in socal, they are called Michelle's Cake House, in La Habra, and you can go in and pick up some "cake nachos", which are little bite sized pieces of cake with powdered sugar, and they are to die for. Also, Fuzzy picked the tux for the guys. It's not my fault, I was fine with him wearing a suit, but we're going through the Mens Wearhouse because they're nation wide and it'll make it easier for everyone to get measured, and they only rent tuxes. BUT I let him pick it out himself, didn't interfere at all, and he's happy with what he picked, so it's ok. We also picked the DJ, and he is totally awesome. Him and Fuzzy bonded over their love of the Blues Brothers, and he's totally excited because I said he could play "They're Coming to Take Me Away" once everyones started drinking. All in all, it's going to be fun, quirky, and probably the most awesome wedding ever. Very Excited.

I got my grades, and holy shit, I got another 4.0 semester. Totally didn't think I would, but jesus I'm so excited about it. Next semester I'm going to work harder and hopefully do it again with slightly less stress.

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At 11:50 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

Congradulations Stacy!!!! Wow, 4.0. I kinda hate you a little now.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Stacy said...

LoL... Silly Anthony, if thats the case you should have hated me a long time ago ;)


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