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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Installment #3

21) We are the perfect degree of boring for one another.

22) My sister effing adores him. Honestly, I think she's more excited about seeing him than me for Christmas (which is okay, it's been a long time since she's seen him.)

23) My mom loves him. She told me once he's the most reliable man she's ever met.

24) He's cute. When I show people his picture, or they meet him for the first time, everyone acts all surprised about it, and secretly, I'm surprised about it too. How'd I snag me a man like him?

25) The other day when I got home, he'd picked up milk for me because we were almost out. Those of y'all who know me know that I can go through milk like a madwoman.

26) He will sometimes bring his gameboy ds and come to the stitch n' bitch meetings with me.

27) He's fun to cook for. He likes everything I make. He at two loaves of that braided bread I made in two days.

28) We've watched every episode of Dharma and Greg together.

29) Same goes for the Simpsons, which we quote all the damn time.

30) He says "I love you" all the time. And knows what it means. And means it.

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