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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

so now that the semester is somewhat underway...

Biometrics: This class seems like it's going to be really straightforward. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but based on the lab we've done so far and the lecture, it really seems like the professor makes a huge effort to break it down into baby steps and walk you through it so you know what you're doing.

Chem 110: Basically just a continuation of Chem 109, so I know it will be stressful and intense, but I love the professor because he's funny and always always willing to help. I find it easier to get up for his 8am lab than my 8am photo class from a few years ago. You can't often say that of a chem lab. The second half of lab is all dedicated to qualitative analysis, where they give us a substance and we have to run tests on it to determine what it is. Finally, something that is starting to vaguely resemble what I might be doing as a forensic scientist in a few years.

Brief Organic Chem: What if Chemistry and Biology met in a bar, got a little too drunk, and had wild sex (nerd sex) resulting in an illegitimate bastard child? The prof is either excellent in a been-doing-this-forever-a-la-dr.-Adam sort of way, or tired and about to retire. Not sure which, but since beloved prof of the Chem 109/110 variety highly recommends him, I'm eagerly looking forward to the former. Spent the whole lecture talking about the molecules bugs use to communicate with each other and other interesting things. Showed picture of the wild ants of the serengheti. Revealed that the smell of the corpse flower comes from two molecules, one found in feces, one in roses. Believe this will be interesting in a possible Jeopardy final question sort of way.

Aikido: Not sure about this yet. Couldn't fully participate due to achey toe of doom. This will either be really good for me, or reeeeaaaally excrusciating on my poor feet. Probably the latter, in which case I'll drop it soon. If I can hack it, though, it may prove to be really cool and interesting in a daniel-san sort of way.

Books: Are going to be over $300, even though I already have the books for Chem 109 (which would bring the total to over $500, nearly $600, actually, if I wasn't using the same one from last year.) *sigh*

Oh, and did I mention: I also have to buy a graphing calculator. Another $100+. Being an English major was a lot less expensive. *sigh*

But!: I have friends in every class. It's like having study groups all built in and stuff. Aracelli the magnificent is in O-chem.

And!: This morning, Diane the supremely fabulous introduced me as her student assistant :) Wooooot! Plus in choir the other night she announced to everyone that I am "the shit".

So, things are mostly schweeeet right now. I'll probably lose my mind soonishlike, but that's par for the course, really.

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger Meimur said...

Yay! Glad to hear things are going well, and generally expected to stay that way.


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