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Sunday, January 22, 2006

this week in the life...

Ivory soap is one of my simple pleasures. I can sit and smell it for ridiculous amounts of time. The smell reminds me of my Grandma Mary, and going to visit her when I was a little girl. She's actually my stepmothers mother, but her and Grandpa Eddie have always treated me just the same as they treat their own grand children. I always loved going to visit them, and actually, some of my fondest childhood memories are there. I remember playing in their backyard, eating Grandpa Eddie's tamales, which are still the best I've ever had, and their big pink porcelain bathtub, which seemed huge when I was a little girl taking baths in it, using Grandma Mary's ivory soap. I have always loved the smell, probably because it still reminds me of her.

Socks. So y'all know I have the worst feet ever, right? Especially since I bitch about them all the time? Well, I'm really picky about socks. I absolutely need them to be roomy in the toes, because if they constrict my toes, I cannot get comfortable and I spend the entire day thinking of nothing but my feet and trying to adjust them into comfort. So I first saw these socks weeks ago, when they were on sale for 74 cents. Being a bargain fiend, I bought a few pair, and they were comfortable. So yesterday, me and Fuzzy were running our errands, and I noticed they were on sale for 29 cents. 29 cents! For comfy socks! Thats 3 pair for a dollar! So I sorta went a little crazy. And bought 30 pair. *shame*

So you could say we've had a little rain this season... Poor Fuzzy... He had cleaned out the drain just the day before, because the tenants warned him that it floods out every year, but it flooded anyway, and when he picked me up from school he was soaked :( Fortunately, when we got back, the city people were there so he let me talk him into letting them handle it and we got him into some dry clothes.

Since my wedding dress is only going to have spaghetti straps, and since the wedding is in the evening with the reception stretching into the night time, I've decided to knit a nice shrug to wear once it starts to cool off a bit. I was tempted by a couple of lacey patterns, but since we bought that gorgeous lace to go on the dress, I don't want to add a different lace to take away from it, so I'm going with a really simple, stockinette stitch pattern. The pattern is by Fiber Trends, and I'm using Lacette by Pattons in Lilac Lace. It's beautiful yarn, reminds me of this play makeup I had when I was little, I swear it's the same color as the eyeshadow. It's got a nice sheen to it, but it's subtle, so it won't be obnoxious.

In this picture, the flash picked up more of the shine in the yarn. It's knitting up surprisingly quickly, and I'm thinking of making one in black for my sister, to match her dress. I'll have to see if she likes mine when I finish it. It's something I think I'll wear again, after the wedding, so it'll be a nice wearable memory. I'm adjusting the pattern, because my back width is consistent with the small size, but my arms are consistent with the large size. Fortunately the difference is only 4 stitches, so it won't look silly. Yay knitting. It helps keep me slightly less crazy, lol.

I got all my books and the stupid calculator, spent just under $500 for all of it. *sigh* Now it seems totally fair to me why scientists make such disgustingly large amounts of money. It's to help them pay off all the books and supplies they had to buy during college. Maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll be out of debt. I just want to make enough money to be comfortable, and hopefully enough so that Fuzzy doesn't have to work if he doesn't want to.

Well, off to my reading and knitting and getting over this stupid cold I've got. I'm going to steal this idea from Meigan, and say if theres anything you want a picture of, leave a comment and I'll do my best to satisfy all requests.


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