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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

for Meigan, and also for Michelle.

so, new video, by request from Meigan, it's a brief intro tour to my school. There's more, and I'll prolly upload it later, if I have time.

Also, in lab, we started testing unknown substances to try and determine their contents. I ran my tests twice, almost ran out of time, but dammitt, I got full credit on mine for getting the exact right ion contents, so it was worth it. My prof called it my "first csi moment." *sigh* I'd much rather it were my first forensic files moment. or maybe crime scene reconstruction with dr lee moment.

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At 9:46 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

ugly ass library with comfy couches! founders hall with annoying steps i had to climb ten times a day! penis shaped tree! ugliest fountain in the world that is no longer! oh how i sorta miss thee......


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