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Thursday, February 23, 2006

and now, some pictures

Because I am finished studying for my chem test. sort of. I'm at least as finished as I'm going to be, so take that for what you will. Here are some pictures we've been taking recently.

Fuzzy is growing his hair out. Isn't it pretty? I sorta just want to play with it all day it's so soft... Note the computer in front of him. Still surgically attached to warcrack, er... warcraft.

This is Fawkes. He is one of Fuzzy's favorite things about Harry Potter, given that Fuzzy loves phoenixes. Funny story. I've actually bought this poster twice. The first one sustained a little bit of water damage, but wasn't fully destroyed until it fell from the wall and the cats decided to make confetti out of it. So I ordered this one to replace it, only it wasn't being produced anymore, so I had to go a little extreme. And order it from Sweden.

This is the ducky ornament my dad and stepmother got me as part of my Christmas present. Y'all don't know about my obsession with little yellow duckies. One of these days I'll dish about it. Bok.

This is my growing collection of valentine bears. The little red one, which came with a shitload of balloons last vday, is named Valentino (original, no?) The white one, from this year, is named Cassanova. And yes, since you asked, that is, in fact, a lightsaber blade next to it. I'm not sorry.

Our wall o' valentines.

Pyepye, as usual, is not amused.


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