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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I think I'll make myself a cap from your right buttocks cheek...

So the WendyandDave visit was awesome. Like totally, awesomely awesome. Here is a brief list of what we did in the two days they were here:

* Bought kazoos. And played them. While listening to Billy Idols Greatest Hits.

* Took Dave on a brief visit to Endor (I got bitch-slapped by a flying branch because it was just a leetle windy out.)

* Went to Big Blue Cafe. best. breakfast. ever.

* Made homemade pizza at Dianeland.

* Went in the hot tub at Dianeland.

* Nearly inflicted grievous bodily harm of the canine persuasion. (Wendy, is Dave making the noise? I hope he is.)

* Hung out with Diane the Magnificent and Princess Erin at the brewery.

* Played pool, also at the brewery.

* Played with lightsabers.

* Played Candyland.

* Laughed. A lot.

* Wendy learned to knit! Ha! I popped your knitting cherry!

* We tried to convince Dave to move to Northern CA.

* And maybe went a little overboard... (sorry, Dave... I hope you're touched by my enthusiasm and not feeling guilty.)

All in all it was a great weekend... which made getting back into the daily grind a bit depressing... Of course I got my test back hours after they'd left, and it was so awful I don't want to talk about it... and then Fuzzy almost killed us by baking tupperware in the oven *sigh*. I'm starting to feel like the punchline.

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