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Thursday, March 02, 2006

recovery begins

So after bombing my Chem 110 test spectacularly (though I haven't gotten it back yet, so who knows), my confidence has been a wee bit shaken in that class. In lab, we've still been working on qualitative analysis, given different mystery solutions known to contain different categories of ions that we have to separate and identify. My first analysis, like I said on hear a few weeks ago, was spot on, so that was cool. My second one went a wee bit awry, but I still got 2 out of the three ions, and my score was solid, so that was okay. This last one I nearly botched brilliantly when I poured most of the precipitate (solid) I needed to do the rest of the tests. I had a wee bit of it still in the tube when I realized what a boneheaded thing I'd just done. When I continued on with the tests, I wasn't getting a single positive result, and I gradually became convinced that I'd cocked it up to the point where I'd have to guess. The analysis was due today, so I couldn't go back and take my time like I would have liked. I started to run a parallel test, but my nerves were so shot that I ended up spilling the boiling solution all over the place (fortunately not on anyone). I felt like figure skaters must feel when they've botched their first big jump, and then they go on to fall on every jump thereafter. So I continued with my first, somewhat shady, analysis. The only positive I got was for the very last ion, Antimony. Turns out it was right, that was the only ion I had, and I got full points. Thank you, Potions Gnomes, for looking after me.

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