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Monday, May 15, 2006

not dead yet

update, sort of a bunch of randomness...

- finished my final exams, and they all went well, especially my o chem exam, which was awesome. I think (hope) I pulled off B's in all of my classes. Normally that would make me very very unhappy, but this semester, after all this crap, I'll take it

- been lazy and useless every since then. have a lot to do for the wedding, but still recovering from school, so I don't feel bad at all.

- I made soap, two batches in fact. The first turned out sort of soft because I used olive oil and coconut oil and thats it. The second came out much better because I added crisco and shea butter and scented it with tangerine essential oil. Diane the Magnificent and Princess Erin are going to come over this week and we're going to make more, woot woot. I ordered pH strips, so hopefully they get here soon so I can check and see if its safe.

- I also made pie. strawberry pineapple pie. and it's awesome.

- my little brother broke his leg and is in the hospital :( but, since he wont be able to wear the tux for the wedding, It think he should wear a tuxedo tshirt. because it would be funny. and I'm all about the funny.

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