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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

work and life

Since we've been back I've been working almost every day, which is nice because it gives me something to do and it means more money, which we need pretty bad. I love my job, it's the best one I've ever had (well, tied maybe with teaching the supplemental for biology), but it involves dealing with the crazy to varying degrees every single day. Yesterday brought the crazy to a very severe degree, so when I got home I was really really tired. I wish I could blog in more detail about my job, because it would make some very interesting stories, but it would be really inappropriate, so alas, no sharing here.

Life is good, though never dull. It looks like it's going to be a while before we are able to take our honeymoon. Before we left to come back home, my uncle told us that we should start saving up to buy another car, because my transmission is starting to go, so we'll either have to spend a couple thousand dollars to get a new one, or put that money into a newer car, one that wont bleed us dry over the next few years. We're hoping to make my car last as long as possible, so the plan is to save and save and save until we have more than enough money for the honeymoon, enough so that if the car dies the day after we get home we won't be totally screwed. So I'm going to leave the honeymoon registry open in case anyone wants to give us a gift for like Christmas or something, beause we won't be going anywhere before that. I asked Fuzzy if maybe we should just go somewhere closer to home, but both of us are really dying to go to Scotland, so the goal remains the same. So there that money will sit, waiting and (hopefully) collecting interest until it's time. Fortunately air fare seems to have gone down since my initial estimation, so hopefully it'll continue in that trend.

The folks at Fuzzy's work gave us a gift certificate to a local snazzy restaurant, so we'll be going out to dinner sometime this week. We've never been there, but it's supposed to be the best itallian food you can get around here, so I'll be sure to report our experience after we go.

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Not really worth the mass amounts of money >.<



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