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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitters are totally awesome...

So, through the miracle of
ravelry, I found a local knitting group to commune with. It's called Humboldt Purl n' Hurl, and it's awesome. We meet at a local itallian restaurant, and admittedly do more bitching than stitching, but it's fun... The knitting gives us a common interest, and from there we talk about things all over the spectrum. We learn new techniques from each other, discuss our projects, and last night we were at two separate tables, and my table was just like the ones we had at Chatham, where we ended up laughing really really loud and pounding on the tables. I even got to tell inappropriate primate stories and have them appreciated for all their bawdy glory. It was effing awesome.

I'm now totally addicted to spinning, and I think the cats are afraid for their fur. Which they should be, especially Zelda, who has a sweater to keep her warm and has the softest fur in the world. I've promised her I won't shave her until it at least warms up in the spring.

Speaking of Zelda's sweater, the other cats seem to be almost covetous of it, at least Franny. Franny will look at her like she's jealously thinking "you bitch!" It's crazy, I never thought I would have a cat who would enjoy wearing sweaters. I thought about knitting one for Franny, since she seems to want one, but I'm sure as hell not risking my hands to find out, and Chris won't be talked into it. Zelda was safe, but Franny can get a bit feisty and tends to go all pointy when she doesn't enjoy something. We don't even clip her claws for that reason.

I might be getting a spinning wheel soonishlike! Wheeee!

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