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Saturday, December 01, 2007

projects and goodies

I got prezzies in the mail! For my birfday wot just passed! From WendyLady!!!! This first one, which I hadn't picked up because it reminds me, uncomfortably, of my years as an insufferable, angsty goth teenager. I've been reading it, though, and even though it's trying WAY too hard to be hardcore, there is a lot of really really useful information in it, including a section on fixing mistakes that, if you ask me in a year, I will wonder aloud how I ever lived without it. Some very cute patterns, too.

And look! A book on spinning! wheeeee! It's got very detailed information about all manner of spinning techniques and equipment, plying, finishing the yarn, and a myriad of fibers, half of which I'd never even heard of. This is one of those inexpensive Dover books, like the ones they have at the ren faire about medieval costumes or the ones your English professor picked to save you money, if he wasn't a dick. I definitely recommend it for anyone who spins, wants to spins, or just wonders how yarn is made.

And finally, *sigh*, from one of my favoritest bloggers ever, I finally got my hands on a copy of Crazy Aunt Purls book... I read it in one night, it's awesome, and everyone should read it.

I finally got the needles to start a new pair of Fuzzy Feet for Fuzzy. He wore gigantic holes in his last pair. I shouldn't complain, really, because at least he wears the stuff I make him, but hopefully these will hold up better, since I'm using the recommended yarn, Lamb's Pride Worsted (the color is Tahiti Teal, and its luuuuurvely.)

My spinning adventure continues apace. I think I'm going to leave this as a single and make something small like Calorimetry or fingerless gloves or something. We'll see how much I end up with, and what it looks like when I'm done with it. It's not perfect, particularly at the beginning, but I love the way the yarn smells, and it's my first homemade yarn, so I'm sure I will like it no matter what it looks like. More experienced spinners tell me I am doing well, so thats a good sign :)

I also picked up some fiber for my next spinning project. It's an alpaca/corriedale blend, and you can't tell so much from these pictures, but it's gorgeous, with a slight sheen and the colors are totally glorious!

I can't wait to start spinning it!!!!

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