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Sunday, April 27, 2008

new, with peeectures!

So Zelda is doing well. She changed for a bit from cuddle-tart to droopy darling, so we had to take her back to the vet, where they put her on antibiotics and more pain meds, and now she is pretty much back to normal. I miss the tartiness, but I'm just happy she's feeling better.

Kita and I went to the zoo today, which was cool. They got some new cotton-top tamarins, who I totally love. They are teeny little guys, and I think I would be awesome if I had one riding around on my shoulder all the time... I mean, bad idea because primates=too smart to be good pets, but they're seriously cute anyway.

I now totally love chickens, by the way, especially this dood, who is totally wearing feather pants. He's totally pimped out, and looks so effing cute running around the zoo yard.

And here is the chicken in pants running around with his friend, whom I have named the Funky Chicken. Funky Chicken totally has theme music, like Shaft.

Look! A Llama!!! He's totally awesome, no?

And finally, this is a goat that has obviously been eating too much spice. Just sayin'.

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