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Monday, June 09, 2008

Help! I'm buried in boxes!!!

So we are leaving California in THREE WEEKS. Holy crap, people!!! By this time on June 30th, we will (hopefully) be nearing the eastern side of Nevada. Now, if you look at our apartment, well, you might cry (at least you would if you were me.)

Zelda is soldiering on mightily, and I must say she is a very smart girl. She has scabs on all of her little toes, and some of the scabs open when she walks, so getting into the litter box isn't a good idea because the sand would get stuck in there... so we had some wee-wee pads from when we had the dog, and Chris put one down next to the bed, set her on it, and told her "potty". Next thing we know, she's using it. The vet was shocked as hell to hear about it, but she's a good, smart kitty. We're in the process of trying to change her medicines, but we're having trouble finding a source for the right dose pills. Hopefully we'll get her switched soon, this medicine has a higher success rate based on the research I've read. All in all she's hanging in there, although with the fur loss she looks a little worse for the wear, but she'll be alright.

The other girls have been wearing their harnesses in preparation for the trip, and THAT has been hilarious. The first thing that happens when you put a harness on a cat, at least most cats that aren't Zelda, is they sort of lay there with a woeful expression as if the harness weighs 1,000 pounds, as if to say "but it HURRRRRRRRRRRRRTSSSSSS!" Then they slowly realize that they are, in fact, still alive and that their limbs still work. Still, a week later and Franny is still doing what I call the "ferret walk" where she walks with her legs bent and her body closer to the floor. Tres amusant!

My feet are doing better, although I still have problems with the randomized pain. It's hard to convince my feet to walk normally, seeing as I've been walking on the sides of my feet for more than 5 years now, but I'm getting a bit better. The toes haven't healed up all the way yet, but I keep soaking them dutifully every night, so hopefully soon. I am cautiously optimistic that, with time, I may become less gimpish. I may even, dare I say it, be able to chase children around some day. We'll see how my progress goes.

I am excited about this move. Soon I'll be back east, deliving the husbeast back home on the fourth of July, which he's always spent with his best friends, and 2 days before his birthday!!! Every year he's lamented on the fourth that he should be at Jerids uncles house watching fireworks and eating large quanitities of some sort of meat, so this year we should be pulling into the area around 1pm in the afternoon, which I hope will be just in time. And then! I will be close to my Chatham ladies again, and I'm sure we'll spend lots of time pounding on tables and being very ill-behaved. In fact, I'm counting on it!

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At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude imagine...pounding the tables in frilly dresses. Ain't nothing better than being obnoxious at a wedding. And luckily its mine!
I'm so damn excited.
Happy Fourth to you, declaring independence from Humboldt and Hippies!


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