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Thursday, March 05, 2009


So I've been pacing the floor waiting to hear about a job for the last few days.  I still haven't heard anything yet, so cross your figers for me, the last I heard they were trying to get a hold of my old boss, who is apparently on vacation until Monday.

To comfort me in my angsty waiting period, my mom took pity on me and bought this lovely alpaca fiber for me from Lorinda the Magnificent so that I have something to distract myself with.  The nice thing about being a spinner when you are so completely broke is that you pay the same amount of money as you would for the yarn, but it keeps you occupied for longer because you get to spin it first.  And it is so effing soft I just want to make a huge pile of it and roll around in it, naked.

I've always thought of drafting as sort of stretching the fibers out, which is inaccurate because you're really just pulling out a small bit of fibers at a time, but this stuff really feels like it's stretching because it's so smooth, and a bit cohesive.

If you recall my first homespun, you will noticed that my spinning has improved immensely in balance, evenness, and thickness.  I worked so hard at spinning to be able to spin fine, and now this seems to be the thickness that everything comes out as, even when I try to spin thicker.  I guess now if I ever want to do a worsted or bulky yarn I'm going to have to ply 8-10 singles together to get there, LoL.

It's turning out this lovely, gunmetal grey color, and I think when I'm don't spinning it, I'll ply it either 2 or 3-ply and make a smoke ring out of it, something like this or this.

My homemade spindles are spinning very well, which is exciting :)  It's amazing how easy it is to make them well-balanced with the drill press, especially since the first one I made, without the drill press, required an ocean's age worth of sanding to get it to spin decently.  These new ones will spin for ages and ages, leading me to finally try actually dropping the spindle.  It's hard, because you feel like you're losing control of the process, but it works pretty smoothly as long as you've got the drafting process down, and as long as you pay attention to what you're doing.  I miss my wheel like crazy, but if anything I'm glad that I've been forced to go back to the spindle so that I could refine my technique a bit.  I actually don't think I'll use my wheel for luxury fibers any more after this - you get a much nicer, much  more consistent product with the spindle, and plus then you get to spend more time doing it, which is largely the point of buying a nice, soft fiber like this one.

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