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Sunday, March 01, 2009

giant update-o-rama

So, I've been silent for a while (okay, a looong while, really, if we're talking about posts with actual substance - my apologies.)  First, a picture post, and then maybe something a little more in depth.

Not terribly deep, but I cut and dyed my hair recently... I keep meaning to grow it out to it's post-Costa Rica length, but it gets to this irritating stage and I haven't had the patience to make it through that yet... we'll see, maybe this will be the last time I chop it off, maybe not.  At any rate, here's the most recent pic of me in existence:

I've been making spindles a lot lately now that I have access to a drill press.  I'm planning to start selling them at some point, but here's a little window into my process.  Step one is cutting out the whorls on a drill press:

After which the boards start to look like swiss cheese:

The come out a bit rough at first:

So they go back onto the drill press to get sanded, which takes a small lifetime:

and emerge soft as a baby's butt... at least in theory:

Then I give them a coat of varnish before I decorate them:

Anyone want to take a wild, flying guess as to whom I made this for?

This one was not designed with anyone in particular in mind, but I like it :)

This one I painted... not my best work, clearly, but it's not as terrible as it could be...

I've been spinning a lot, too,  mostly bits of fiber I've received from Lorinda the Great at my new stitch n' bitch home.  This one I named unicorn, owing to it's purple and blue shades with bits of shiny fiber in it.

This one I've called alternately sunset and gryffindor, obviously: 

And this is one I started ages ago, which reminds me of easter:

They are all navajo (3) plied, and all of them are around sock weight, or possibly lighter.  It seems now I've gotten spinning fine mastered I can't spin thicker any more, even when I try.  Coming soon, look for my line of 15 ply worsted =P

I got myself a new journal for detailing my adventures in renewed singlehood.  I'm actually feeling quite optimistic about things, and felt a saucy journal might inspire me to live a little more daring...

And here is an awesome pic of my sister leaving for winter formal.  Isn't she lovely?

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