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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day Three: Cheyenne, Wyoming to Des Moines, Iowa

This morning we left Wyoming and headed into Nebraska. Nebraska is all farm land, which is a bit tedious, but at least more pleasing to look at than Utah or Nevada.

And just to show that we actually get out of the car sometimes, here's a shot of a map at one of the rest stops.

At one point in Nebraska, there's this random archway. It's some kind of memorial, but it looks like a bridge, it just doesn't go anywhere....

All in all, not much to say about Nebraska... it's a nice state, just not a lot going on. Here's the Missouri River, which forms the boundary between Nebraska and Iowa.

Iowa, by the way, is gorgeous. I could totall dig living in Iowa. Not many pictures yet, but I'll try to take more tomorrow. It's farmland, but with more rolling hills and small towns along the road. Lots of rustic looking barns and stuff, too.

And here is Fuzzy in his pizza coma. We ordered a pizza so we wouldn't have to drive around looking for a restaurant with the trailer on the car, and wow is Papa John's good stuff. I especially like the garlic sauce they give you with the pizza. Yummmm....

The drive is tiring, but today was our last long day. From now on, we're only going 300 miles per day instead of more than 600 like we have been. Plus we're finally into the interesting parts of the country (well, we have been since Wyoming, really.) We might even have time to go swimming at the next hotel!

I think driving cross-country is a great way to ease into this move for me. What we're headed toward is a new life, especially for me. Doing the drive is giving me time to evaluate everything and consider what I want to make of the new life that's waiting for me. Plus it makes the journey into more than just two disparate points on the map. Like when Joseph Conrad talks about the blank parts of the map in Heart of Darkness. The map isn't really blank, in this case, but it's a lot of vague squares and squiggly lines, but now I can fill it in with pictures and experiences. It helps to instill you with a sense of all of the different lives that fill this country.

Oh, and here's a litte driving tip. A vehicle towing a trailer requires a large stopping distance, at least four seconds really. So cutting off a vehicle towing a trailer is a REALLY BAD IDEA. Just saying.

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At 9:50 PM, Blogger Meimur said...

Plus we're finally into the interesting parts of the country

Bwahaha, obviously you're not to Ohio yet, the whole interesting part ends at the our border! Drive safely, good luck to your man on his test in Chicago, and I can't wait to see you in a few days!

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Hina said...

Thanks for writing this.


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