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Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Two: Wells, Nevada to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Day two on our journey, and Fuzzy has his adventurin' hat on!

By the way, when I said Nevada was desolate, I hadn't yet gotten into Utah, because Damn! The Great Salt Lake Desert is a giant pile of nothingness. If you'd like to simulate the effect, flatten out your backyard, then burn any foliage into nothingness. Then spread a large layer of salt over everything. Voila! Your very own pit of despair!

It continues much like that for most of the state, until you emerge on the other side of Salt Lake City. Then things get a bit more pleasing to the eye.

This is Zeldarelly. She *loves* the car! Can't you tell?

Wyoming, it has to be said, is absolutely beautiul from one end of the other. I've never seen the sky so big and full of clouds. It also has lots of cows and some other variety of ungulate. We can't decide whether it's a deer or an antilope, so we've been refering to it as the deeralope.

There have been tons of signs warning of deer and or elk crossing, so Chris has been on ungulate watch most of the trip so far. So far, we've only seen them lookin' pretty next to the road in fields of grass. Lets hope it stays that way!

And we arrived safely in Cheyenne around 7pm, so we've had lots of time to relax and will hopefully get a good nights sleep before starting again in the morning.

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