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Thursday, July 25, 2002


So things are looking up for me now... I don't know if it's just the mood I'm in, but I've been thinking about it, and I feel better/healthier than I have since high school... and I'm pouring over all the delicious leisure classes Humboldt offers, and I'm feel really ambitious... like for a long time I haven't had the energy to do anything really physical, and now my body isn't holding me back like it used to...

I am soooo taking a surfing class, maybe two... I've been wanting to get back into surfing since I stopped in the first place, and since wetsuits and boards are supplied, there's nothing to prevent me from doing it. I keep looking at boards online... maybe once I get my finances sorted out I can get myself a nice eight or nine foot longboard.... *drooool*

Then there's tons of other stuff up there... camping, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, snowboarding... the possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to dive in and get my hands dirty....

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