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Monday, November 04, 2002

and now for updates...

- Went to the headshrink again today... don't think it's actually helping with my state of mind at all, but I'm getting really good at summarizing my issues into 30 minute sessions *roll eyes here* Oh, and because there are apparently a lot of people here with problems, they're not doing much individual counseling here, and I'm not off my rocker enough, so she recommended group stuff... of course, she didn't pick out the right groups, *I* had to do that, which doesn't really surprise me... so anyway, I'm supposed to go to "Blues Busters" and "Stress Less".... yeah, the cheesy names? Not really making me excited about this... but hey, maybe I'll make friends there... anything is possible, and I think having more friends here would help, even though they'll never be like my far away friends... *sigh*

- Sent out more mail love today... Also, found the cutest card ever for my sister, it's got a sparkly fairy on it, which she will fully dig because she's a mini version of me. Made a big, highlighted mental note today to pay lots of attention to her while I'm home, because I recognize that with everyone around I will be easily distracted, and I can't skimp on the sister love... I miss her tons, and it's only four days that I get to see her, and I don't want her to feel like I'm more interested than everyone else but her.

- Can't wait to take everyone down to the beach... mmmm... wave watching, star gazing, maybe a bonfire.... *purrrrrrrr* I'm thinking Corona Del Mar, because it's so pretty there, but maybe, if everyones interested, we'll make a pass over by the wedge or Huntington Beach just for a sheer long ass stretch of coastline... mmmmm... beach..... stacy play... *purrrrrrr*

- We're on the Russian Revolution in Western Civ... is it wrong that I keep picturing the people from the movie Anastasia and not the slides the prof is showing us? I mean, come on! Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin?? and John Cusack?

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