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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Just to update y'all:

Have one more paper to write. And god help me, I'm so tired I'm doing a feminist reading. *thud as head becomes aquainted with pointy desk corner*

Will sleep then, and try to go to dr in the morning before class.

After class, leaving for Berkeley where will have raucous good time wif big bruddah Mikey. And Two Towers, did I mention that? woot.

Thursday, leave Berkeley for home.

Reach home. Slip into coma-like state for indeterminable time frame.

When wake up, will watch Harry Potter with sister. And Michelle, if indeterminable time frame is less than three days.

Will sleep somemore.

Will wake on brief occasions to reach out and touch boyfriend creature.

Will sleep somemore.

Y'all know the drill. Posts may be few and far between while I'm home. Maybe not, who can tell? In either case, don't bitch because I don't care. Suck it up, soldier! Deal with it.

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