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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

todays going alright so far. I'm almost done with another scarf, which is the first thing I've knitted, so I can start another one tonight maybe. I talked to my mom on the phone last night, and she said that her and Amie are probably going to come up and visit me in April, so woot woot, I have something else to look forward to. It's pretty much right between when I get back from spring break and when I finish up for the summer, maybe a little closer to summer, so it'll be a nice break up of the monotony of classes. Plus all I have to really do then is study for a Bio exam, and provided I start early I shouldn't be too bogged down while they're here, I hope I hope I hope. I know I'll have reading and stuff, but let's face it, there's no way I'm going to finish all these books in this one semester. hey, at least I'll have stuff to read over the summer, right? that's after I read the new Harry Potter book, of course, which I can't effing wait for.

so this week is almost over, after today, and yay for that. The one good thing about Monday and Wednesday being long is that it makes the weeks pass ridiculously fast.

I filled out my fafsa last night and it turns out I don't have to put my moms info on it this time, so maybe I'll get more money. Won't make that much difference for Humboldt, but I'm putting Chatham on there just to see what they offer me, and it might make a profound difference in that vein, maybe. So yeah, we'll see what happens right?

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