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Monday, February 24, 2003

so okay, the end of last week was exceptionally shitty, but Saturday through Monday have turned out to be good enough to make up for it. I would have posted this stuff last night, but effing blogger was down for like 3 years.

saturday, I went down to the local fabric store. my friend Sarah works there, and she told me that if I came in and got some knitting needles that she would teach me how to knit, and so I took her up on it. I like knitting a lot better than crochet because it's faster, and the end result is springier. plus I think I'm better at knitting already, my tension is a lot better so that everything doesn't come out really tight. plus I like the needles more, heehee. so I finished the hat I was crocheting, and I'm midway through the scarf she started me out on, and after that I'm hoping to finish 2 more scarves before spring break, one for me and one for the boyfriend. and yes, I promise not to make it look too girly.

sunday was the roommates birthday, and we went for a hike and I took pictures of her. we dropped the film off and I bought more knitting needles for the above mentioned projects, (also, the other projects for which I bought more yarn... heehee... addicted? me?), as well as a little bag to keep all this crap in. picked up the pictures and they came out good, so they'll be going into my portfolio, woot woot. got back, found a parking space (on a Sunday!), and finished the above mentioned hat. it came out good, shaped right and all that stuff, but it's a wee bit tight. I've been told that it will stretch out over time, and I am told that it looks cute, so maybe it's not as bad as I thought...

today has been good, but excessively long... got a paper back in my Women's Studies class, and I got an A+ on it, though I should most definitely note that this teacher grades really easily, because I think almost everyone got either an A or a B. turns out she's not going to make us write the formal paper, she's going to make it a take-home essay quiz thing like this last one was, so woot woot for less work for me. after that had bio lab, and I got my midterm back, and I got a 92%, so at least it's an A... I missed 2 points on one question because I wrote a sentence wrong, so I'm going to go to the prof and see if I can get those 2 points. I know it's incredibly anal-retentive of me, to sqable over 2 measly points, but I want an A in the class, because if I get an A- that will mean my gpa won't be an actual 4.0... I still don't know how likely I am to achieve that 4.0, but I'm seriously trying, so every point counts, right? plus what if I blow the next exam? then that 2 points will matter even more. and anyway, like I said before, school is really all I have here to focus on... it might be different if there was something else even remotely fulfilling about being here, but there isn't, so I might as well take advantage of it, right? meh.

I started the paper for my Dostoevsky class that's due tomorrow. that makes it the first time I've ever started a paper before the night before it was due. but then, I only wrote a page, so maybe it's not as momentous as all that.

there are 18 days between now, and me being in PA. it's starting to really sink in, and I'm starting to get really really excited. just a little more than 2 weeks and I'll be there with him... sooooooo excited....

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