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Saturday, August 21, 2004

At the moment, aside from a few issues that need to be fixed, things are going well for me right now.

First off, my financial aid is messed up. Turns out they cancelled one of my loans because I'm only going to be here for one semester, and so instead of the usual refund I get, I got a bill. This means that I have to go into the financial aid office on Monday, the first day of school, stand in a huge line, and try to restore things to the way they should be. Hopefully I can get the loan back and all will be well with the world. I am assured by many of my school mates that this is most likely the case, and so I am trying to be optimistic since there's nothing else I can do until Monday. Wish me luck there.

So far, out of 9 total suitemates, I would say there are 6 so far that I am totally excited about living with, and one hasn't even arrived yet. The other two I am indifferent about at the moment. There are two confirmed Harry Potter fans, and about 5 who want me to teach them how to knit, as well as one who already knits and was very excited when I mentioned that I do as well. One of the suitemates has four geckos that are the cutest little things, and she is enthusiastic about me getting to hold them. Today I spent time with one of them, a female named Polaris, who seemed to enjoy perching on the top of my head.

I've been thinking a lot about my options after graduation, and so far two equally plausible options seem the most reasonable to me. Hopefully I will be admitted into the genetics counseling program at UC Irvine. That is my first choice because I would be able to go straight into grad school without having to back track to pick up more science classes. Also, it's very directed, with a predictable path afterwards, which appeals to me. If I don't get in to that program, I think I will return to Humboldt State and get a second bachelors degree in Biology, and then possibly get a masters degree in Forensic Science. While I might be admitted to that program now (I'm not sure if they'd allow it or not), I'd still have to make up all of the undergraduate stuff I haven't done yet. I figure if I'm going to have to make it up anyway, I might as well get a second degree to show for it and give myself the flexibility to find a new path that may or may not have crossed my radar yet. I also told Chris that I am willing to work for a while so that he can go into a credential program (or anything else, for that matter) before I do grad school. Although the genetics counceling program is my first choice, I think I would be happy going the other route as well. It could be nice to live up here, get an apartment or even a house, if Anthony stays up here as well, and spend some time growing into my life a little bit. I have to admit, this place is relaxing, almost the polar opposite of Southern California where everyone is always going somewhere. Whatever I do, the choice will involve lots of discussion with Chris and my mother, but I think these options are sound.

I really like my room this semester. It's small, but it's not cramped, with lots of room for everything I brought (dare I say it, maybe even a little extra room.) It's nice to live with people without having to be in the same room with anyone unless I've invited them in. It's also nice to be able to stay up as late as I want without feeling bad for keeping anyone up. All in all I feel like this will be a productive semester. I'm sure I'll be stressed out at times, as always, but having my own little sanctuary is already making all the difference in the world. That's always been the case with me. As long as I'm comfortable in my living arrangements, I can be okay in pretty much everything else. When I'm uncomfortable, it wreaks havoc on everything else. I think it's even going to be a little easier to deal with being far from Fuzzy this semester, because I can talk to him without having to try and censor myself, because there's no one else being subjected to our conversations. I can be as goobery as I want and no one will care. I feel more social now, too, I guess because I have alone time; it makes it easier to face people because I have plenty of time to myself to think and write and everything else.

So, yeah. All in all, I'm feeling pretty okay about things right now.

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