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Monday, September 27, 2004

*breathes*.... an update....

* so, the one benefit of working is that I now realize exactly why I went back to school in the first place... I was not meant to work on my feet for long periods of time, and it was out of sheer laziness that I went back to school, because schools have desks and things. work is going okay, but it's really taking a lot out of me, both energy and time wise. in short: stacy sleeeeeepy.

* I have to do a photo project of slides that tell a story, so in the interest of multi-tasking, I'm calling mine "Knitting: the story of a scarf". The scarf is two yarns held together, woolease, and this really uber soft cuddly yarn, and will be striped black and burgundy. me = excited, and now I can honestly say I'm doing my homework while I knit. woot.

* Falkor has a playmate. My suitemate has 4 geckos, and her youngest, Drake, keeps getting attacked by Polaris, the resident she-beastie. So now he's staying in Falkors tank, which is fine by me because they always cuddle up together and it's really cute.

* They say the next president will probably pick 2 supreme court judges. If Bush wins, I am leaving the country with as many liberals as I can fit in my car.

* The whole apartment thing is going very slow... I will start to recieve money in a couple of weeks though, both from the school and from work, so hopefully the process will accelerate a bit. I really need to get a place so Fuzzy can come up here and look for a job. I figure if he finds a good job I might be able to ease up a bit till the end of the semester and then find a job thats not so brutal on my poor feet. I guess we'll see what happens...

* I really need to email the head of the bio grad program and start studying for the GRE's. Like three days ago.

.... but really, I kinda just want to sit in my room, watch girlie movies, and knit. Is that so wrong?

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