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Friday, October 01, 2004


So, Chris is coming up here tomorrow to take a test for a dispatch job that would put us totally in the clear and able to get an apartment very soonishlike. PLEEEEEEEEAAASSEEE cross your fingers/pray/work your mojo for us that he gets this job or one comparable to it while he's here, because it would make everything okay for me.

Also, I'm going to be starting grad school next semester, as an undeclared grad student, meaning I could keep my SI job teaching, which would be fantabulous because it's the best job I've ever had, and I have only just begun to improve that program, like seriously. Also, it means I wouldn't have to take the GRE until at least next semester, which would be great because then I'd be able to study for it more. I also have a meeting with Dr. Varkey, who is our resident genetics dynamo, and I'm going to get his input on which classes I should take to prepare for a genetics focus. According to Dr. Mesler (who is the head of the masters program), he's usually pretty accepting and even excited about non-traditional bio grad students like me, and it may turn out that I fit some niche that they need filled, so who knows? I've heard nothing but good things about Dr. Varkey, and so I am fully prepared to be in awe of him. So far I've had the encouragement of 2 major bio faculty people, so lets hope I'll continue the trend.

Have I mentioned how excited I am that Fuzzy is coming up? Because OH MY GOD am I excited. Like seriously. He gets here tomorrow at 9:45, and I don't get off work until 10, so Lili and Anthony are going to meet him at the bus station and they'll all meet me at APD where we can hang out and stuff. Sooooooooooo happy that he's coming. I can't even express the potential of next week. This whole semester so far has been unbelievably eventful and dynamic. And that, of course, is why I never have time to post anymore. For example, this weekend.

Today: work on rough draft for senior project, work 3-8, work on rough draft for senior project some more.
Saturday: develop film for photo project, work from 5-10, meet the assembly at APD, bliss.
Sunday: work from noon-5, print stuff for photo project, work on slides and/or senior project rough draft.

So.... yeah. But OMG, all the working will so be worth it if we can get an apartment and not have to be far apart anymore. And I will be tickled shitless if I can start grad school next semester and still be a student instead of existing hatefully in the real world.

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