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Sunday, October 10, 2004

I promise I'll stop procrastinating.... right after I update my blog ;)

So I should definitely be working on my rough draft for my senior project, and I will totally be doing that momentarily, as soon as I post in my blog and sit down on my bed to start and then realize how messy my room is and spend the next hour or so cleaning it, and then sit down on the bed again only to be posessed by the sudden urge to take a shower, after which I'm sure I'll definitely work on the stupid paper. It's hard, because my eyes and my nose are totally itchy in that sinus-hell sort of way, and I'm groggy from being sick and from being medicated. This week has been so incredibly busy that it's remarkable I'm not dead.

Fuzzy left this morning, which sucks and I miss him, but I will get to see him in 4 days when I go down south for my cousins wedding this weekend. That and hopefully he'll get interviews at the casinos and have to come up again. We won't know about the test he took for the dispatch job for another 2 weeks when the police department will either decide to interview him or not. Hopefully they'll want him, because that would be so fantabulous. We had so much fun hanging out together with my friends and suitemates. Everything is so much better when he's around.

Speaking of jobs, I just got another new job, but I promise this one will last me for a good while. I'm going to be working in a tiny legal office doing filing, some phones, and copying medical records. The lawyer works on disability and workers comp cases, and it's just him, me, and his legal secretary who, from the interview, seems to be a really delightful woman that I am very excited to work with. Don't get me wrong, I honestly liked pretty much everyone at the fabric store, and I will seriously miss working with some of them, but I finally figured out that I kept getting nauseous from the heat and lack of ventilation in the building, and lets face it, my feet were not made for retail jobs, like seriously. Besides, even though it's a nice place in the "you're not paid to think" sort of way, and while that's what I was looking for, it reminded me why I went back to school in the first place, and this job will be much better for a multitude of reasons, such as the following:
* it pays $1.25 more per hour.
* the hours all fall into M-F from 9am-5pm. While that limits how much I can work, it will be nice to have evenings and weekends off to get things done, like socializing and tutoring.
* it's like a mile from my school, so I'll be saving a lot on gas, which is good since Humboldt county has the highest gas prices in California.
* it's more likely I'll be able to get some time off for Thanksgiving.
* it will look better on my resume.
* it's in an office that used to be a house, so there's actual windows and air movement going on.
* now I can go to the fabric store and enjoy being there and looking at yarn and other crafty things.
It was so great when the lady from the legal office called to tell me I had the job. She was so sweet and said that, even though everyone they interviewed was qualified for the job, she felt that my accomplishments showed a lot about me and that my references were the most impressive. It made me feel good about myself again because, every time I work a job on my feet in retail or food service or anything like that I end up feeling inadequate because I never move as fast as the people around me. Since intellectual or academic type skills never enter the equation, I don't really excell at it, and this, ironically, makes me feel stupid in a very fish-out-of-water sort of way. This new job will be good because it requires attention to detail, which I'm good at, and an aptitude for picking up on the processes involved with the type of court cases we deal with so that I can help guide people through the process. I start on Tuesday.

My photo project went well, and it was nice to have Fuzzy and Anthony there to see it. Printing on litho film was less traumatizing than I thought, and my slides were amongst the cleanest of the bunch, so I guess it pays to be anal retentive about cleaning my glass and my negs.

I got another A on my second History of the English Language test. Everyone talks about this class like it's the hardest in the English major and damn near impossible to get an A is, and I think it's because English majors aren't used to taking tests or doing any sort of detail oriented work like this. It's closer in some ways to science testing because of the exact-ness of it.

Fuzzy totally fell in love with Falkor, just like I knew he would. By the end of the week he was talking about how he would miss Falkor and Drake just like he always talks about missing the cats. I'm now more convinced than ever that he is totally animal jesus. He would just sit there playing video games with her on his shoulder, talking to her like she's a person just like he does with the cats. She would sit there watching the game screen. It's a match made in heaven, lol.

God, I need to be done with the rough draft for this stupid paper and it needs to be Thursday, like yesterday even.

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