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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I am totally awesome. This morning I found the
digital rebel on Overstock for $750, whereas it normally sells for $999. My soul cried out for this camera because it's just like my 35mm SLR EOS A2 which means a) that it KICKS ASS and b) that all my lenses will worth on both cameras. AND they have a payment plan/credit thingy so that you don't have to pay for all of it at once. I made pouty eyes at Fuzzy and came up with financial stats to prove that I can afford to pay for it, et cetera. Determined to be the grownup, however, he witheld his approval. By late in the day, I had decided I was going to buy the camera regardless, but I decided on a way to buy it and actually save us money.

I'm not going to hire a photographer for our wedding.

Here's my reasoning: I have tons of friends with a good eye, a couple of whom are/were art majors, and a couple of others who have experience taking good pictures. So I'm going to pick like 10 people who I trust to take nice pictures, show them what I like, teach them to use the camera, and set them loose. It's digital, so we'll be able to preview what we have and adapt the game plan as we go. Plus, my mom and I have both done professional wedding photography, so we can direct things as much as we need to. Plus I'll be spending about half what I would on a photographer, and I'll have a pretty camera to show for it. So woot. And even Chris approves now. Muahahahahahaha.

When it gets here, I'll take pictures of our apartment and my new gardening endeavors and stuff.

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