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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

hello, whirlwind!

So yeah, turns out we're moving. I can't give big details because it's related to Fuzzy's employment (which, thank god, he still has, so it's not a bad thing), but the long story short is we're getting a bigger apartment, but it's in a complex which I will heretofor affectionately call Crazyville Gardens Apartments. More of our utilities will be covered, it's much closer to school and work, as well as friends, etc. The place is bigger, which will be a huge blessing, and hopefully we'll be setting up a nice guest room and all that. Downside is the knickname Crazyville is deserved. There have been numerous vehicle vandalisms and thefts in the last six months, last week there was an assault and battery, and there have just generally been lots of wackiness and nutjobbery going on in the vicinity. So I guess with the good and bad it sort of evens out somehow, and the hugemongous benefit is that now, Fuzzy's supervisor is staying on, and he's fond of her, so that's definitely cool. I'll miss our little abode, the first apartment we had and the one that witnessed our engagement, but this is definitely preferable to the alternative.

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