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Friday, June 03, 2005

the god of oral surgery and hoooorah! an aventure!

So today I have two fewer teeth than I did yesterday morning. Yes, two. I went in there planning to have one lower wisdom tooth removed, and the oral surgeon took one look at the xray and told me that taking out only one of them would just make the problem worse and way more excrusciating. When I protested that one was all I could afford, he just waved that off and said "we'll figure that part out later." They strapped the gas thingy to my face, and I was off flying in some magical world, debating with myself about whether or not I was actually having teeth pulled or just dreaming about it, and about where the hell I actually was anyway, and why can't I feel my feet? For someone who has never actually done any drugs, it was a pretty wierd experience, and seriously, exactly like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". He had both teeth out within about 12 minutes, and I was off and giggling like a drunk little moron. Turns out that it didn't cost more than I had on me, partly because they waved the extra $50 since I was paying cash up front, which is just awesome. Seriously, I didn't realize how horrible the guy was who took out my other wisdom teeth until I had it done by a competant oral surgeon. It hurts a bit now, but the swelling went down after 2 hours, and it hasn't been unbearable at all. I'm even at work right now, and I'm a little uncomfortable, but it's not bad by any means.

And now, on to the adventure! There's a Summer Arts and Music Festival this weekend a little ways down from us (like and hour and a half, maybe), and it sounds really cool because there are like 50 bands playing, and tons of artisans and craft merchants and food and frolicking and naked babies running around barefoot and people on stilts and redwood trees and Benbow lake, and it just sounds like a big day of good fun. Anyone up here want to go along? I am so excited! As stated in my last post, I've been really bored and in need of adventures, and I think this will totally fit the bill. Plus its just $7 for one day, or $12 if you go for both days, but since I don't think we want to make the drive both days I think we'll only go for tomorrow. Sooo excited. This is so what I need right now. And theres like a bunch of people I wish were here to go with us, but y'all are far away, and why aren't you here again?

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