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Saturday, May 21, 2005

we have normality

I'm starting to feel better and better about the move. The folks at my work have been assuring me that it's not a bad area, really, and it will definitely be nice to have more space. In the extra bedroom we're planning to get either a twin bed or a futon or some sort of pull out couch or something, so that when people come visit or if they might want to relocate to the area, they have a place to sleep that isn't a couch. Also, we're planning to get a desk for me so that I can use it without having to surgically remove Chris from his computer and *gasp* his video games. That way when I'm back in school I have a place to study and stuff in relative quiet, so that he can watch tv or whatever without having to live in library volume. I also ran into Chris's bosses (who are both very cool), and they seemed really excited that Chris is sticking with them, which is reassuring. He likes his job a lot, and I'm sure with him working at this new complex it'll be in much better shape.

We went and saw Episode III on Thursday evening, and it was awesome... I always tease him about being a star wars geek, but the truth is (and nobody better tell him I'm admitting this) I'm just as into star wars as he is. This was my first time seeing one of them on the big screen, and holy shit even. It was so. effing. cool. Seriously, if this revelation had been made many years ago, I think I would be in danger of acquiring a costume and dancing around with all the other light saber-wielding freaks... *sigh* yes, a huge nerd I am, but don't act like y'all didn't already know that about me, mmmmmkay?

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At 6:32 PM, Anonymous JEN said...

hehe...stacy is a star wars geek! jk! Anywhos Congrats on the move....I think. I am not sure really if it was a something u wanted or not. But i think you sounded like you were pleased about it from your post on (5/21). But in your voicemail last week, you did sound nervous about it so in that case, how about a GOODLUCK instead?

HOpe all is well with you, still havent received the email you sent me, so i think AOL officially SUCKS. but ya know what else is knew?

Matt and I are FANTASTIC! Hope we talk soon.


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous your friendly neighborhood elitist prick said...

yay stacy, with the big apartment, and the uniform, and the fiancee, and the various delicious foodstuffs that you make! why you don't even have to dance the burly-q on the street corner for dimes!-good for you! i wanna go to vegas. we should all go to vegas and fuckin'wild yo.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

LoL... Vegas would be fun, but maybe in Novemberish so that it wont be like 9million degrees? I just don't want to end up a puddle on the sidewalk, yo. you have to come back up here, you know.... and especially now that we'll have a second bedroom and all that, it's like fate calling you home or something... we will seduce you back up here. oh yes. we will.


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