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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


* So, the apartment is great, but the complex is a nightmare. Everyday, Fuzzy looks just a little more beaten down by all the BS inflicted on him by our wonderful tenants. Don't misunderstand me, most of them are just fine, but it's the squeaky wheels that get the grease, right? And there are a couple that are really getting to him and making his life miserable. And then there're the nimrods that walk past our window carrying on a lively conversation at two in the effing morning. I swear, one night I'm going to stand outside and wait for them and beat them over the head with something. They wake me up every. effing. night. dipshits.

* I've been on a baking spree, and discovered a wonderful recipe for Mocha Pudding Cake. Seriously, it's to die for. I swear if y'all come visit me I'll whip one up for you. It's worth the traveling, I swear. But if you can't, I might email you the recipe if you ask nicely. maybe.

* My Amie comes to visit us in a little less than a week now! Wheeeeee! So. Effing. Excited. She's going to be my little baking buddy, and we're going to cook yummy things, and hang out and watch movies and be sisters and go to the beach and the farmers market and all the great restaurants and everything. I can't wait to see her, it's been like forever it seems. And we can buy some flowers and practice more to get ready for the wedding to fend off the mamma so she won't worry about it anymore.

* The fourth was fun, we went to a barbecue I heard about through work, and it was great. I got to hang out with my boss outside of work, which was cool, and play with sparklers, which I haven't done since I was a kid. Plus I made homemade chili, and it came out sooooo good in my crockpot.

* In related news, when did I become so domestic? In the past week I've made 2 different kinds of cookies, the cake, and the chili, and some killer burgers. Seriously, the burgers were so good that, even though the beef wasn't that great, they were still nice a moist and flavorful. I rock.

* So my desire to move to Canada has increased ten-fold thanks to the supreme court vacancy. I told Chris that, currently, the likelihood of me moving to Canada is at about 80%. If the supreme court does something stupid, like overturning Roe v. Wade, for example, that likelihood will go straight up to 100%. It will not pass go, nor will it collect $200. Because seriously? The likelihood of me ever having an abortion is just about nil, but I refuse to live in a country that finds it acceptable to deny anyone reproductive freedom. Let's find a way for men to bear children, and see how long these people stay up on their high-horse. It's like the bumperstickers say - "If men could bear children, abortion would be a sacrament." And also, gay marriage... how much longer is it going to take for gays to have the right to marry now that Georgie gets to make a supreme court appointment. I know this doesn't personally affect my ability to get married, but that doesn't mean that I don't feel very passionate about this issue. Generally, the political climate in Canada appeals to me much more than here.

* Seriously, I just finished reading a book about
the body farm, and whodathunkit, it actually makes me want to go to Tennessee. Never thought that would happen....

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