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Thursday, June 29, 2006


So dinner was good. The menu wasn't very extensive, and I confess that I'm a bit picky about my food, but we both found something to try, even if it's something we didn't wind up being terribly fond of. I'm not sure we're the type to go in for really authentic itallian food (though I'm not sure thats what this was...), but the food did taste very fresh and good. I think I should have gotten something without pesto, though, because it just didn't appeal to me (which is not the fault of the restaurant, I had just never tried it before, and now I know.) The atmosphere was very nice, lots of little white lights all over the place, and the service was very good. Both our waitress and the host/possibly owner were very attentive to us. I also must say that the have the best lemonade ever. For dessert, we had creme brulee. It was very good, it just hadn't thickened up enough in the center (which doesn't effect the taste, though, just the presentation.) All in all it was nice, something we wouldn't normally do, and we had a good time.

All that said, I don't really see the point of spending so much money on a dinner... There are other restaurants in town with lower prices that still offer good food and a nice atmosphere. I do intend to take Fuzzy to a really nice restaurant when we're on our honeymoon, however, but I think thats different because the whole point of the trip is to try new things in another country.

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