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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2007 is already awesome...

Things just keep getting better for me, and it really feels like the scourge that was 2006 is finally over, and that this year is going to be a banner year for me. I'm looking into field work classes to do over the summer, so far looking at one on Advanced Primate Behavior and Ecology in Nicaragua, but per my moms request I'm also looking into ones in other places, because the idea of Nicaragua scares her. We'll see, it sounds good to me. I'm also going to be the TA for next semesters Forensic Anthro class, which is frickin awesome, and I am so excited about it that yesterday at work, right after I heard about it, I had trouble keeping in my chair and not bouncing around the office all afternoon. The way things keep falling into place, it feels like a huge affirmation of my decision to go into physical anthro. Ever since I made that decision things have been looking up. I've been way less stressed, the idea of school puts a spring in my step, and I have that same feeling I had at Chatham when I was in a *good* English program: I feel like I'm getting away with something. "They're going to give me a degree? For this stuff, this stuff that I like doing? For studying monkeys and bones? Are you serious? I better hurry before they notice..." Seriously? I've been in school for a loooong time, but right now I feel like it's my first semester, fresh, invigorated, and its awesome.

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