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Monday, January 29, 2007


I know all this goodness is probably not very exciting to read about, and I apologize for that, but suck it up because everythings coming up roses and I couldn't be happier.

I have officially lost 10% of my body weight. In fact, I've lost more than that, and I'm on a roll, baby. I'm working out again, and even though it's only been 3 times now, I feel soooo much better and younger and moving is easier and wheeeee! I have an unholy love for the rowing machine, which is good, because I never have to wait for it like I would for the eliptical machines. Also, I am eating healthier by making small changes that I can live with... here they are:
* no more major fast food chains. my critria is: does it still taste like and resemble actual food? For example, McDonalds: no; In N' Out: yes.
* no more soda
* only fruit juice that is >50% juice
* french fries no more than once per week, and preferably home made ones, and especially not fast food fries, which do not bow to the natural laws of decomposition
* keep portion sizes down to what is actually considered a serving size
* no candy, but if I slip, no more than once per week (dark chocolate okay occasionally because of antioxidants, but *actual* dark chocolate, not the junk that only looks like dark chocolate.)
* try to cook actual meals more often, not just subsist on stuff out of boxes or the freezer

I'm also keeping a food and activity journal, which is actually part of my evolutionary medicine class, but which I'm finding helps to motivate me, not to mention keep me aware of exactly what I'm putting into my body every day. I'm determined to start making healthier choices for myself so that when we have kids, I won't be raising them with my unhealthy habits. Small changes for now, but when they become habit I can move on to bigger changes, and hopefully a healthier me.

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