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Sunday, December 16, 2007

wooo! updates on spinning, knitting

I finished spinning up the wool I got with my spindle! Voila:

here is the first skein-y thing, hanging up to dry:

here is the last third of the yarn, after drying... better by far than the first, not as much of a problem with too much twist. Still getting better, hurrah for progress.

here's the second bit, all wound up into a ball for knitting...

and I knit calorimetry with it! wheeeee! it's pretty rough, but thats ok, I tried it on and it's not too bad on the head. this is the closeup, and you can see the orange bits of the yarn, which are my favorite.

and here's the wider picture. it just needs the ends woven in and a button, which I will get when I have money.

and now, off to start spinning with that gorgeous alpaca/wool blend I got!

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At 6:09 AM, Blogger who's that girl said...

aw its beautiful! i like the orange bits. i'm always a fan of a dash of unexpected colour; i knit socks for dave out of a wool/alpaca blend and it was mostly green, grey, and yellow, but every so often there was this little splash of baby blue. i love that so much and i think that's really beautiful in the yarn you spun.

dude, speaking of alpaca blends, that alpaca roving you have looks incredible, colour-wise! i can't wait to see how you spin that one and what you decide to make with it!

i definitely would never have the patience or the coordination to spin so i'm going to have to live vicariously through your talent!

also im on ravelry but i havent done anything yet; dave broke the digital camera i bought him as a wedding present two weeks after the wedding so im kinda stumped for a way to take pictures. i got him a warranty but it gets complicated coz we're outside of the US... i could have killed him when he dropped it. aargh.

anyway, well done, and i'm looking forward to seeing the alpaca spinning!

At 6:10 AM, Blogger who's that girl said...

actually the more i look at it the more your stuff looks very noro-ish which i mean as a compliment. <3 kureyon!

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Cat Named Eggroll said...

unfortunately, it's about as soft and smooth as noro, too (all the ones I've felt of theirs have been rough and scratchy.) glad you liked it :)


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