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Friday, November 08, 2002

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So todays been alright, as it happens...

My mom sent me some stuff through my schools housing and dining service... I got a note saying there was a surprise waiting for me, and I got there half expecting a gigantic balloon bouquet which I would then have to carry around to my classes, but mercifully enough they handed me a basket, with muffins and bagles and fruit, even cream cheese *insert homer-esque drooling noises here*. Yay mom, because if she woulda sent me a cake or something, I would have given most of it to my roommates... and while I did share my bounty, most of it is mine. And it's not a bunch of sugar and crap, so yay mom. So I get back up to my room and there's a message saying they forgot to give me part of what she sent, so I drive down there since on of my roommates so graciously offered to stand in my parking space, and guess what? There was the balloon bouquet tied to a bag of candy... do I know my mother or what? heehee... but it's cool, because I look balloons, because deep down I'm still really five. It's really cool, because my mom usually forgets my birthday... I don't mean she forgets when I was born, but she doesn't pay a lot of attention to what day it is at any given time, so for her to remember, and to remember with enough advance notice to order this stuff earlier this week, well, it's really cool. Plus it's rare for someone to send me stuff for my birthday... like it's happened a couple of times, but not that often, and from my mom, with balloons and all that, well, it's momentous, that's all I'm saying.

Of course, today was also marked by the creeping up of the pain I've come to dread and expect as my monthly ordeal... so I curled up int he fetal position with my hot water bottle and slept for 3 hours, and damn did I need it too. I was sooooo tired from everything lately... Like school hasn't been too intense lately, especially since I'm in mostly lower division classes and not that many of them, but it's just all the emotional garbage that's been clogging me up, and making me really tired. So yeah, sleep helped... Mostly what I'm wrestling with is uncertainty. Everything seems poised for change, and I just wish I could see things objectively, but I can't...

I think I can handle 19 units next semester, because it's one more big class and one more small class than I've got right now. And because it'll keep me busy and maybe take my mind off of things more, and keep me on my toes a little better academically. Plus if I'm going to graduate in 3 semesters, I have to bust my ass, and right now that seems like the plan. Only two things could change that plan, and I'll know both of those things by January, when classes start.

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