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Thursday, January 09, 2003

well, let's see... I haven't gotten on the good old soapbox for a while, so why not do that now?

from Andy, it seems a list of the companies who supplied Iraq with weapons or supplies to further their weapons development has be leaked, as reports like that often do... excuse me whilst I heave violently.

I don't know how widely this has been put out there, but right now in southern california we have these commercials that insinuate that if you drive an SUV, you're supporting terrorism, and goddamn if it hasn't sent a bug up the asses of half the effing state. they're all talking about how "it's gone too far now" and that it has nothing to do with terrorism, and it's really pissing me off, to be quite frank. last year there were commercials stating that if you did drugs you were supporting terrorism, and no one said anything about it being wrong, and if you ask me, I think gas-guzzling SUV's support terrorism far more than drugs do (and you all know I'm not a drug supporter... I'm currently losing one of my long-term friends to drugs, so believe me, I hate them more than anyone.) The woman who produced these commercials, Arianna Huffington, made the point that if every one who buys an SUV bought a car or other vehicle getting a mere 3 mpg more fuel economy, it would make a huge dent in our oil dependancy on countries like Iraq. Personally I'd like to see the US spend half the money it's been wasting on "homeland security" on alternative fuel technologies. Of course, that won't happen because the Oil companies have a fucking death grip on the whitehouse, especially good ole' bush, who was born and raised in a marriage bed with them. It's fucking ridiculous, this war with Iraq stuff, and it's obvious that the only reason we're sticking our nose in there is for the oil. North Korea has been flagrantly disregarding arms treaties left and right and openly developing nuclear weapons, and we're not waging a war with them... why? because there's no oil there. so yes, I think owning an SUV, or any gas guzzler for that matter, is supporting terrorist nations, and thereby supporting terrorists, albeit indirectly. And the thing that makes me sick is that the same fucking people who have been buying into all the propaganda from the very begining are now getting pissed because someones insinuating they shouldn't have their huge fucking cars anymore... uhm, hello? One particularly irresponsible news anchor said it's "threatening their freedom." all I have to say to him is to go out and read the fucking US Patriot Act that got passed last year. Way to get outraged over something relatively insignificant, asshole.

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