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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

would someone kindly either kill me or get me the fuck out of this house already? my grandmother is driving me absofrigginlutely mad, and I swear if I have to talk to her or look at her one more effing time today I'm going to lose it. this woman does the same shit every fucking day every goddamned time I'm here. if something is missing, I'm automatically the one she harrasses about it. I let her know I was taking a towel out of the bathroom because it's one of mine that I left here and she had to fucking examine it like I'm conspiring against her to steal one of her fucking towels. and I swear to god I can't even fucking eat anything without her looming over me asking what I'm eating. and every fucking time she does it, I get pissed off and yell at her for it. and every fucking time I yell at her she gets all mad like she can't believe I'm yelling at her, and I don't know why she doesn't stop if she doesn't want me to yell at her. I mean, if you get yelled at for something every time you do it you either love being yelled at or you're off your fucking gourd for expecting any other reaction. she looms over me all the fucking time, thinking she's being all sly about it but I can hear her breathing. and sometimes she'll sit in the living room just coughing and clearing her throat really loud and pathetic like, just to make sure we don't forget she's there. or like this morning she was sitting at the table and just kept shouting the same fucking orders over and over again, telling me to do things thinking I was my mother even though we kept telling her I wasn't. and sometimes she'll forget if you told her you already did something and keep bugging you to do it. ARGH... and you know what? yes, maybe I am a bitch for taking this attitude about it but this fucking woman has victimized my entire family my whole life so no, I don't have any pity for her... especially when she would go through my stuff from junior high up to now looking for stuff to get me in trouble with my mother, or when I had to listen to her start laying the same fucking guilt trips on my sister that she did on me, starting when my sister was like three years old. I just want to get the fuck out of this house and know that I don't ever have to go back for any length of time. I remember now why I left in the first place.

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