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Monday, December 23, 2002

so, settling in at home now, not too much to report really... I've mostly just been hanging out with friends and trying to find as much time to talk to the boyfriend creature as possible, which is difficult since there's a three hour time difference and I actually have a social life here. there should be more hours in the day, honestly...

been spending the last few days trying to divine what my christmas presents are, with no luck... my sister let me in on one of them, bless her heart... and I think my moms going to get me a bow, because I was in my uncles room to find a phone, and noticed there were arrows in there, and I can't think of one damned reason he would have arrows in his room if they're not related to my archery pursuits... but I guess we'll see. there's one present I am uber-curious about, and the infuriating thing is that 3 people I am close to know what it is, and no one will give me one damned clue, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers... ARGH!!!!!!!!

so I don't know what came over me but I've volunteered to look after 5 kids, including my little sister, so my mom and her friends at the dance studio can get out for some freedom time. they're all good kids, I'm sure of that, but still... am I insane?!?!?! what's come over me? I think the antibiotics are going to my head...

well, it's getting late and I'm uber-tired, so I'm going to go curl up in that bed, which is entirely too effing big for one person, and shiver for a half hour until I warm up enough to go to sleep.

oh, and I've taken up crocheting... it helps relieve tension.

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