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Saturday, January 04, 2003

the numbers that shape my world.

so, currently under this roof, there are 6 kids aged 14 and under... they include the follwing:

3 of my sisters friends, ages 6, 10, and 13.
2 of my brothers, ages 10 and 14.
and my sister, age 10

2 are sleeping peacefully and have been since I asked them to lay down at about 10:30 (those would be the brothers).
the other 4 are in the living room, and I think they have finally started to go to sleep, let us hope.

we have watched 1.5 movies, pulled 1 tooth, and had 1 misunderstanding, which has since been resolved.

I currently owe my sanity to the 1 and only boyfriend creature.

tomorrow, me, the 6 currently in the house, 1 more (age 14, if memory serves), and 3 real actual moms are going to Disneyland for about 14 hours.

I am about to go tell the 4 wakeful girls to go to sleep for the 5th time.

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