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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

so, I'm back. the mamma and Amie are gone, prolly in central california, nearing southern california by now, depending on how many stops they've made. I miss them already.

spent most of the time swimming with my sister. I took her to bio lab with me, and now she wants to be a scientist again (though truth be told, I think it was animal planet that did it, more than bio lab.) she's learning to knit now, and not doing so bad at it so far, really... I told her if she practices and learns her stitches and her tension is good enough, I'll teach her how to make a hat this summer. I also told her I'd teach her what I've learned in biology this semester.

so I think I figured something out about this unexpected shift in my education. I've reached the end of my capacity as an English major. I do well on all my papers (well, eventually... *grumbles* stupid professor), with minimal effort, I know how to do literary analysis and all that stuff, my reading comprehension is high, blah blah blah... so nothings new and I haven't really learned anything in a while, and bio is filling that gap, giving me a chance to learn something that's not common sense. I talked to the bio advisor, he said if I do well in chem 107 there's a good chance I won't even have to take chem 109, and that a lot of the prereq's may not be needed, which could potentially mean that I could do it in 3 semesters, and maybe even take a few extra bio/zoology classes so that I have a little stronger of a background when applying to grad schools. we'll see how it works out. all I know is that I'm doing it, and lets just hope the process is as painless as possible.

so I got tons of goodies... tons of beautiful yarn, and little sleeping dragon, socks and underthingies, lots more knitting goodies, books to brush up on chem before I take it, and I dyed my hair (my mom bought the dye, because I let her pick the color... it's not bad, just different.. I think I'm gonna keep it like this, since she likes it and so far everyone says it looks good...)

all in all, can't wait for the end of the semester, can't wait to get home. will prolly spend the whole summer taking classes so I hope fuzzy can come visit me, if not hopefully we'll figure something out. I'm tired, and I want my mom and sister to come back because now I'm all lonely and things are reaching critical mass with the living situation. that, and I think I'm going to sleep for about a week when I get home. meh.

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