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Sunday, April 06, 2003

to do list:

finish Demons
finish article for Brit Lit presentation (finished mostly)
start at least a little of my bio study guide
study for bio lab quiz

write Demons paper, if no response from prof
clarify whether presentation is on Wednesday or Friday for brit lit (it's on Friday, btw)
continue taking notes/whatever for brit lit presentation
work a little more on bio study guide
start reading Last Chronicle of Barset
see about getting bio advisor(found out who the minor advisor is, going to try and catch him in his office today.)(met with him briefly, must make an apointment for further guidance)
see about getting magic number to enroll in bio 105 for fall. (found out who the prof is, emailing her now)(she emailed me back: she'll let me enroll!!! WOOOOOOOTT!!!!)

This Week (as in, before Mom and Amie get here on Friday):
finish bio study guide for test
finish demons paper, no matter when it's due
write paper for psych of women class
write paper for womens studies (started... about 1/2 done)
get some reading done on Last Chronicle of Barset, Brothers Karamozof, and Ceremony
get a better idea about the bio minor stuff (working on this)

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