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Thursday, April 03, 2003

so wooooooooohah.... I am excited...

have a made a decision yet? why no, thanks for asking, but it's fucking great because I DON'T HAVE TO!

why this revelation? well, it just so happens that 2 general ed requirements that I need to fulfill anyway are happily met by 2 classes that could also be applied to the minor I'm so torn over... so I can take these classes this semester, and if I decide to do the minor, fine, I've started it... and if I decide not to do the minor, thats fine too, because I'll still be on track to graduate at the end of the year if I decide to take that route.

lets just hope I'm not overlooking anything.

edited 2:11am: of course there's one small thing about this... because one of the classes is 5 units instead of 3 (like most of the other options for filling that gen ed req.) it throws off the units just so slightly which would still put me just a lil bit behind... but if I can take a couple of classes over summer, I should be able to compensate for this... hopefully... maybe... we'll see.

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