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Thursday, April 03, 2003

just kidding.

now it looks like the opposite problem, really. because of budget cuts, I may have to stay an extra year to get the english classes I need to graduate, because there's no way I can take 3 heavy heavy lit classes in one semester without killing myself. so I have to talk to my advisor tomorrow about possibly substituting one very similar class for another, because my brit lit prof told me they've allowed it before. if I can do that I can either a) graduate in one year, or b) do the minor and graduate in a year and 1 semester.

I talked to my mom today, about going to school over the summer at a JC, and she said we can manage, with me not working and the cost of taking classes, which is good to know. I think she's happy about the possibility of me being home the whole summer, and I think she's excited about the possibility of the minor, and I think she's really glad that very soon I'll have done with this whole undergraduate college thing and she'll be able to see me graduate. I cannot express how utterly impossible all the accomplishments I've made would be without my mother. if I'm well educated, or if I'm going to graduate with honors, or if I have any sort of future at all, it's only because my mom has been there supporting me and pushing me and guiding me all along.

and so really, I'm not any closer to gaining that oh-so-elusive clue as to what's going to happen over the next few years.

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